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Ocean of Change Therapy Services

Aquatic Therapy for Infants and Children

Using the unique properties of water, I strive to help your child reach individual goals while attending to your family's needs in a community setting.

Why Aquatic Therapy?


Children are engaged and participate in learning when it is dynamic and fun. Providing sessions in a playful environment that is also therapeutic and motivating can be a great alternative or complement to other therapies. Want to learn more?

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Brynn Butzman, OTD, OTR/L

Being both a swimmer and an occupational therapist motivated me to establish the first private occupational therapy practice that specializes in aquatic therapy in a community-based setting in the Las Vegas area. Committed to delivering high quality, evidence-based, engaging therapeutic care through a trusting relationship with both child and caregiver, my knowledge base and high comfort level in the water allows me to address individual goals with compassion, understanding, and an open heart, while maintaining safety at all times

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Occupational Therapy: Evaluations, Individual Treatment Sessions, Group Sessions

In-home Services

Do you have a backyard or community pool? Would you like your child to receive treatment in the familiarity of your home? Click here to learn more about in-home services.

Group Classes

With enough interest, in addition to traditional one on one treatment sessions, group classes will be offered periodically. These small groups encourage social engagement, peer modeling, and carryover of skills.


Parents Recommend

Sheena A.

“Individual sessions give my son the one on one assistance that he needs and love the fact that he had his own personal goals. Group sessions were great. Got to interact with other kids and it was challenging because there were more things to do. I loved everything about it. My son has made so much progress. The water was a great setting as well.”

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